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"A true conservationist is a person who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children."
- Audobon

DRiFT Conservation Efforts

Reverence. In a word that's how DRiFT feels about our waters. So whether it's the trickle of a stream, the rush of a run, a ripple on the surface of a lake or pond, we feel compelled to work tirelessly to ensure we leave our waterways in a better way then we found them.

DRiFT is involved in many conservation programs and projects that promote both better fly fishing and a better environment. We are always looking for partners in our conservation efforts, like many of those discussed below. For more information, get in touch with our Conservation Director, John Dyers, by using our Contact Form.

The Yellowstone Park Foundation -- Stop Aquatic Invaders
DRiFT is proud to put its financial support behind The Yellowstone Park Foundation, which is the official fundraising partner of Yellowstone National Park. Our funds help study and prevent the devastating effects of Myxobolus, the trout whirling disease agent that has invaded our country's quintessential National Park.

Friends Of The Fox River Water Quality Monitoring
Several times a year, DRiFT members monitor the water quality of the Fox River in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. The group monitors the river and its macroinvertibrate population at a specific time, location and procedure each year to produce trend data. This data is then sent to the Friends Of The Fox River who disseminates the information to the Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Rebirth of Genesse Creek, WI
Our members brought plenty of sweat-equity and know-how in a partnership with Southeast Wisconsin Trout Unlimited. Beautiful Genesse Creek in the Kettle Moraine region of Wisconsin was the recipient of this important conservation and restoration project.

Shabbona Lake -- Like a Rock
DRiFT provides both manpower and financial support to help build rock structure for fish on this Western Illinois lake on behalf of the Lake Shabbona Sportsman's Club annual Rock Drop. When the temperatures are low and the ice is hard, we drop rock-cribs through holes in the ice.

Kicking In For The Kickapoo
One of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken by DRiFT, was the role we played in helping to restore the West Fork of the Kickapoo River in Southwest Wisconsin. With a combination of heavy equipment, strong backs and brain power, members of DRiFT helped reduce erosion, revive runs and plant structure that has helped transform the Kickapoo into the wonderful trout stream that we enjoy today.

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