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DRiFT Video and DVD Library

DRiFT maintains an extensive video and DVD library for the exclusive use of our membership. Each member of DRiFT has access to these titles and can borrow them for review and viewing. If you would like to borrow one of the titles in our library, please contact our Librarian, Ed Dahmer, using our Contact Form.

01. A Casting Approach to Nymphing Tactics by Joe Humphreys
02. A.K. Best Tying Blue-Winged Olives
03. A.K. Best Tying Caddis and Midges
04. A.K. Best Tying Dry Flies
05. A.K. Best Tying Nymphs
06. A.K. Best Tying Tiny Dry Flies
07. Advanced Fly Casting: Scientific Anglers with Doug Swisher
08. Advanced Strategies for Selective Trout: Scientific Anglers with Doug Swisher
09. Anatomy of a Trout Stream: Scientific Anglers with Rick Hafele
10. Basic Bass Techniques for Fly Fishermen by Lefty Kreh & Bob Clouser
11. Basic Saltwater Fly Tying
12. A Casting Approach to Dry Fly Fishing In Tight Brush by Joe Humphreys
13. Dave Whitlock Red Fox Squirrel Hair Nymph
14. Designing Flies with Feather Dubbing Gary and Jason Borger
15. Designing Flies with Fur Dubbing Gary and Jason Borger
16. Designing Flies with Hair Hackles Gary and Jason Borger
17. Designing Flies with Soft Hackles Gary and Jason Borger
18. Designing Flies with Stiff Hackles Gary and Jason Borger
19. Essence of Fly Casting with Mel Krieger Vol. 1
20. Essence of Fly Casting with Mel Krieger Vol. 2
21. Fly Fishing Basics by Jim & Kelly Watt DVD
22. Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwaters Vol. 1 by Brian Chan
23. Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwaters Vol. 2 by Brain Chan
24. Fly Fishing with Cortland Confidence
25. Glass Bead Flies for Trout by Joe Warren
26. Hooked on Fly Tying Dick Talleur Classic Dry Flies 1
27. Hooked on Fly Tying Dick Talleur Wet Flies and Nymphs
28. How to Build Graphite Fly Rods Step by Step by Artie Hebert
29. Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting DVD
30. Life Cycle of the Caddis Fly by Rene Harrop
31. Life Cycle of the May Fly by Rene Harrop
32. Matching the Hatch Parts 1 & 2 - British Columbia John Massey and Mo Bradley
33. No Bones About it Peter Stellas
34. Oliver Edwards Czech Nymphing
35. Oliver Edwards Fishing Dry Fly on a Chalk Stream
36. Oliver Edwards Search and Sight Fishing
37. Oliver Edwards The Deep Diving Shrimp and Chalk Stream Entomology
38. Oliver Edwards Upstream Nymphing and North Country Spiders
39. Perfect Pike Patterns by Chris Helm
40. Saltwater Fly-Casting: 10 steps to Distance and Power by George V. Roberts Jr.
41. Successful Fly Fishin Strategies Gary LaFontaine Vol. 1
42. Successful Fly Fishing Strategies Gary LaFontaine Vol. 2
43. The Art of Advanced Fly Casting by Chico Fernandez
44. The Artic Shrew and Working with Hair Royce Dam
45. Tying Caddis Flies by Shane Stalcup
46. Tying Emergers by Shane Stalcup
47. Tying Flies for Spring Creeks and Tailwaters with Mike Lawson
48. Tying Foam Flies by Skip Morris
49. Tying Hair Bugs with Chris Helm
50. Tying Trout Flies with Gary Borger
51. Tying with CDC by Shane Stalcup
52. Tying Stone Flies by Shane Stalcup
53. Tying May Flies by Shane Stalcup
54. Tying Tailwater Midges by Shane Stalcup
55. CDC Techniques Vol. 2 by Shane Stalcup
56. Tying and Fishing Whitlock Originals Vol. 1
57. Tying and Fishing Whitlock Originals Vol. 2
58. Tying Techniques By Bob Clouser And Lefty Kreh Vol. 2
59. Tying Cripples and Spinners with Kelly Gallop
60. Tying with Quills by A.K. Best
61. Tying Salt Water Flies by A.K. Best
62. Terrestrial Patterns - Beetles - by Harrison Steeves
63. Alaska Salmon Patterns with Frans Jansen
64. LaFontaine Originals by Beatty & Stimpson
65. Cool Flies for Hot Fish G.L. Steelhead by Flechsig and Darkes
66. Spey Master Class with Derek Brown
67. May Fly Time on a Chalk Stream with Oliver Edwards
68. Classics with SLF the Bait Fish by Davy Wotton
69. Fly Tying with Oscar Feliu Part 2 May Flies
70. Fly Tying with Oscar Feliu Part 1 May Flies
71. Dennis Potter Ties Durable Flies
72. Speyflies -101- A Primer By Bob Blumreich (DVD)
73. Basic Fly Tying by Marvin Nolte
74. Tying the Classic Salmon Fly by Mike Radencich
75. Fly Fishing for Trout in Tailwaters by Angie & James Marsh
76. The Art of Spey Casting by Lani Waller
77. Tying Spey Flies by Gerald Bartsch
78. Fly Tying Basics & Material by Jack Dennis & Scott Sandchez
79. Bugs for Beginners by Jay Buchner
80. Wyoming Angling Guide (book)
81. Beginnings - An Introduction to Fly Fishing by Mel Krieger
82. The Essence of Fly Casting by Mel Krieger
83. The Essence of Fly Casting II by Mel Krieger
84. The Essence of Spey Casting by Mel Krieger
85. Flycasting Faults and Fixes by Mel Krieger
86. Tying Midges by Shane Stalcup
87. Musky, Pike & Bass Flies by Bill Sherer
88. Spinning Deer Hair by Chris Helm
89. Steelhead 2 Flies for Great Lakes by Bear Andrews
90. Wet Fly Fishing on Riverw - Oliver Edwards
91. Streamer Fishing on Rivers - Oliver Edwards
92. Big Dry Flies for Fast Water - Oliver Edwards
93. Introduction to Fly Casting - Brian and Judith O'Keefe
94. Fly Fishing Made Easy II - Scientific Anglers
95. International Spey Casting - RIO
96. Flytyers Video Masterclass Volume 1 by Oliver Edwards
97. Flytyers Video Masterclass Volume 2 by Oliver Edwards
98. The White River by Davy Wooton
99. Best of Bear Tying Traditions by Jeff "Bear" Andrews
100. Best of Bear Steelhead by Jeff "Bear" Andrews
101. Best of Bear Steelhead II by Jeff "Bear" Andrews
102. 15 Most Common Casting Errors, The FFF Presents the Casting Instruction Certification Program
103. Orvis Fly Fishing School
104. Handcrafting Effective Flies, Saltwater by Lefty Kreh
105. Handcrafting Effective Flies, Trout by Lefty Kreh
106. Tying Flies for Carp by Brad Befus
107. Lessons with Lefty by Lefty Kreh
108. Handcrafting Effective Flies, Bass Lefty Kreh and Mike Huffman