DRiFT - DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers - Conserving, Restoring, and Educating Through Fly Fishing
"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water."
- Loren Eiseley

About DRiFT

There's nothing like being knee-deep in a stream looking for bugs under a rock to understand how complex relationships lead to healthy, or unhealthy, waterways. Unless it's the thrill of watching a 13-year-old release the bass she's been raising in her classroom back into a local river.

DRiFT members get their hands dirty, or should we say wet, in giving countless hours of time, experience and guidance to important conservation and education projects.

Conservation - They're our resources to protect. Or lose.

DRiFT gets involved and supports projects that preserve, protect and enhance fisheries for current and future generations of fly fishers.
Rock Drop at Shabbona Lake -- constructing new fish habitat.
Lunker Building on the Kickapoo River -- restoring important streams.
The Yellowstone Park Foundation -- funding for invasive species research and prevention.

Education - The more people learn, the more they learn to care.

DRiFT provides both the manpower and the money to fuel passion for, and involvement in, the sporting nature of fly fishing. Just a sampling of our endeavors include:
Jr. High School Courses -- teaching kids entomology, fly tying and fly casting.
Roving Demonstrations -- leading fly tying demonstrations, as well as lectures on conservation, fly tying and fly fishing.
International Fly Fishing Center, Livingston, Montana -- providing financial support to spread passion for our sport.