DRiFT - DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers - Conserving, Restoring, and Educating Through Fly Fishing
"The better part of one's life consists of his friendships."
- Abraham Lincoln

Join DRiFT

There are many great reasons to join DRiFT. Whether you've never tied a single fly or you're an experienced master, you're sure to learn and grow. Your participation will help support local and natural conservation and education initiatives. You will enjoy presentations from some of the best fly tyers in the country. You can attend member-only fishing trips at amazing prices.

But we think you'll find the most gratifying reasons of belonging to DRiFT are the people you'll meet, the camaraderie you'll experience and the friendships you'll build. Our members are friendly, knowledgeable and diverse. And they love sharing their passion for fly tying and fly fishing. Join us today!

Here's How:

Download DRiFT Membership Application PDF and bring to our Weekly Meeting.
Or, get in touch with our Membership Director, Dennis Ransdell, by using our Contact Form.
Download free Adobe PDF Reader from the Adobe Website (This is optional on most systems as the Adobe PDF Reader is installed on many up-to-date operating systems.)

Federation Of Fly Fishers -- Our Missions Are Tied Together

Most members of DRiFT also belong to the Federation Of Fly Fishers. The FFF is the only international, non-profit organization dedicated to the betterment of the sport of fly fishing. We encourage you to look into an FFF membership as well. We will be happy to provide more information.