DRiFT - DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers - Conserving, Restoring, and Educating Through Fly Fishing
"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."
- Nelson Henderson

DRiFT Outreach Programs

Together, We Can Make A Difference
If you like the idea of our grandchildren fishing for trout in pristine streams, DRiFT is for you. If the thought of giving back to those who served our country, and paid more than a small price, DRiFT is for you. If you're up for a good fight against alien invaders (of the exotic kind), then DRiFT is for you, too.

Help us with your passion, your time, your experience or, yes, even your wallet. We are involved in many outreach programs to support our Conservation, Restoration and Education mission. From local initiatives to national concerns, you can be sure that DRiFT will give whatever it takes -- man-hours, counsel, financial support -- to ensure the future of our home waters are looked after and well cared for.

To learn how you can help DRiFT's extensive efforts, visit these Outreach Program links.
Boy Scouts - Fly Fishing Merit Badge
Project Healing Waters
The Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF)
The Yellowstone Park Foundation
River Alliance of Wisconsin
Regional Trade Shows

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