DRiFT - DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers - Conserving, Restoring, and Educating Through Fly Fishing
"With rivers, as with good friends, you always feel better for a few hours in their presence."
- Nick Lyons

Join Us On A River Journey

We save rivers.

With that bold, simple statement The River Alliance (TRA) sets forth on its not-so-simple mission of advocating and protecting, enhancing and restoring Wisconsin's treasured rivers. From removing dams to restoring urban rivers, TRA is a tireless force.

DRiFT runs in harmony with our brothers to the north and our ideals are consistent with each other. Over the years, we have provided both monetary and volunteer support to many of The River Alliance's important efforts.

We invite you to support DRiFT. Your help will enable us to continue our assistance with the many worthwhile initiatives that keep our waterways clean and healthy.

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