DRiFT - DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers - Conserving, Restoring, and Educating Through Fly Fishing
"The spirit is there in every boy; it has to be discovered and brought to light."
- Robert Baden-Powell
founder of the Scout movement

It's too much of a cliche to say that youth is the hope of our sport, of our planet. So instead of talking about the importance of the next generation, DRiFT engages, empowers and enables our future leaders to carry the torch for us.

As soon as the Fly Fishing Merit Badge was established for the Boy Scouts of America in 2002, DRiFT recognized the importance of getting involved. In fact, we created a Board of Directors position with the sole responsibility of overseeing a program tailored specifically to the Scouts.

Working closely with the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF), the national body responsible for the criteria and requirements for the Merit Badge, we have undertaken the responsibility to provide training and guidance in support of the Regional Boy Scout organizations and its members.

We have developed a working relationship with the Regional Districts of the Boy Scouts and have created a program that is consistent, productive and achievable. If you are interested in participating in our Fly Fishing Merit Badge Program, please contact our Boy Scouts Director, Glen Hazen, by using our Contact Form.

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