Welcome to the DuPage Rivers Fly Tyers, better known as DRiFT. Technically, we're a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization working to promote water resource conservation and education through fly fishing. Truth be told, however, we're much more than that. We're a group of passionate people who understand the value of sharing the magic of fishing with our children. Of the healing power that our sport can bring to this nation's veterans. Of caring for rivers and lakes to ensure that future generations will benefit from our precious natural resources.

DRiFT is a group of anglers who share a passion for fly tying and fly fishing with others. We meet every Tuesday evening from September through May -- but we do much more than meet. We help conserve the places we fish. We help educate our next generation of fishers through fly tying. We help disabled veterans. 

There's nothing like being knee-deep in a stream looking for bugs under a rock to understand how complex relationships lead to healthy, or unhealthy, waterways. Unless it's the thrill of watching a 13-year-old release the bass she's been raising in her classroom back into a local river. 

DRiFT members get their hands dirty, or should we say wet, in giving countless hours of time, experience and guidance to important conservation and education projects. 

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Board of directors

Collectively Over 350 Years of Experience

Lanning Hochhauser, President
Mark Agresta, Vice-President 

Denton Morris, Treasurer
Lew Delin, Secretary
Dan Fisher, Director Media & Marketing
John Dyers, Director Conservation
Bob Lindsey, Director Education

John Loebach, Director Auction

Tom Steele, Director Emeritus
Arthur Mazzier, Director Emeritus


FFI Certified Castors/Instructors

Arthur Mazzier, Master Casting Instructor

Joe Merriell, Casting Instructor 

Alan Kato, Casting Instructor

Donna Smith, Casting Instructor